What Cookies are
Cookies are small data files that your browser stores on your computer or device. Cookies help the browser navigate through the websites but cannot collect any information stored on your computer or in your files. When the server uses a web browser to read the cookies, they may help the website provide a more user-friendly service. To protect your privacy, the browser allows the website to access only the cookies it has already sent you and not cookies generated by other websites.

Why we use Cookies
We use cookies to better understand how you interact with our content. Cookies also help us to improve your experience when visiting our website. Cookies remember the type of browser you use and your preferences, such as web language settings. Some cookies are permanent, others are automatically deleted when the browser is closed.



Technical cookies, strictly necessary
These cookies are essential to navigate through our websites and to use the various functions. Without these cookies, we are unable to provide services such as shopping trolleys and to remember the language chosen.

Functionality cookies
These cookies are used by the websites to remember the choices you make while browsing. For example, they can memorise your geographical location in a cookie in order to display the website in your language. They can also remember your preferences, such as text size, font and other customizable elements of the website. These cookies do not collect any information that could identify you and do not keep track of your activities.

Performance cookies
These cookies collect information on how you use our websites, such as which pages you visit most frequently: this data makes it possible to optimize the websites so they are easier to use. These cookies are also used to inform affiliates if your visit originated from one of their websites and if it resulted in you using or purchasing a product or service, as well as providing details of the product or service purchased. These cookies do not collect information that could identify you personally: all the data collected are in aggregate form and therefore anonymous.

Various options are available for managing cookies. Changes to user-set parameters may affect how you browse the internet and your access to certain services that require the use of cookies. You can change your cookie preferences at any time as described below. 

Browser preferences
You can configure your browser to store cookies on your device or to reject them either systematically or depending on the issuing site. You can also set up your browser to prompt you to accept or reject cookies when a website requests their storage on your device. For further information, see “How to exercise your choice depending on your browser”. 

(a) Consenting to cookies
Storing a cookie on a device is conditional on the user’s wishes, which may be expressed and modified at any time, free of charge, by using the options offered by the browser. If you have set up your browser to consent to the storage of cookies on your device, the cookies contained in the pages and content you have visited may be stored temporarily in a special area on your device. Only the issuer has access to these cookies.

(b) Rejecting cookies
If you reject cookies on your device, or remove those already stored on it, you will not be able to benefit from a series of functions needed to browse certain areas of our website. This will be the case if you try to access our content or services requiring identification. It will also be the case if we or our suppliers are unable to identify, for the purposes of technical compatibility, the type of browser used by your device, your language and display preferences, or the country from which your device is connected to internet. In these cases, we shall not be liable for the consequences of the incorrect functioning of our services as a result of the impossibility of storing or reading the cookies needed for them to operate due to your refusal to accept them or their deletion.

(c) How to exercise your choice depending on your browser
The settings used to manage cookies and your preferences are different for each browser. They are described in your browser’s help menu, which you can use to find out how to change your cookie preferences.

Internet Explorer™: http://windows.microsoft.com/it-IT/windows-vista/Block-or-allow-cookies

If you do not intend to consent to the storage of cookies on your device, you can use your browser’s settings to configure it in this way.