Bosconavigli’s nature

Bosconavigli’s nature

Friends of the Elm

The Bosconavigli project springs from and grows around the landscape’s natural heritage, as if seeking to camouflage itself with its surroundings.

From the solitary elm, the greenery pervades the courtyard, with extensive lawns and large raised beds hosting perennials that blossom in different seasons and various types of trees.

Bosconavigli is decked out with a multitude of trees on the façades, roofing, hanging gardens, balconies and loggias, where the luxuriance of the shrubs and the climbing and trailing plants is assured by capacious built-in planters.

On the north side of Bosconavigli is the residents’ garden, which is fenced and protected by evergreen hedging alternating with slender trees. It has shady rest zones, small lawns and special corners with safety paving and wooden platforms for kids to play on.

On the south side of the building there’s a private park for the residents, offering a green area for recreation and sports adjacent to the pool and gym.

Beyond the areas reserved exclusively for the building, the landscape project for the future includes the greenscaping of an extensive tract of public land and the creation of the Linear Park.

All the green areas will have automated irrigation systems fed by rainwater tanks.